Brighten up your day with these 14 stunning flowers that bear a striking resemblance to marigolds

This flower is sometimes referred to as “azafran de los pobres” since it may be used as a substitute for azafran in the kitchen. It looks like a calendula, but it’s a little bigger and has a softer texture, making it one of the best calendula-like flowers.

This flower is available in a rainbow of hues, from orange to yellow to red, and has a shape reminiscent of a calendula. Common applications include flower arrangements and garden edging.

This flower is similar to a calendula in appearance, with a yellow or orange center and ring of petals. It’s one of the best calendula-lookalike flowers, thus it’s a popular choice for garden borders.

This flower, which resembles a calendula, comes in a wide variety of colors, from orange to yellow. Common uses include autumn flower arrangements and dried flower arrangements.

Different shades of orange, red, and yellow are available for this distinctive flower. It’s a great substitute for calendulas and a common choice for the countryside.

This flower’s bright yellow and red petals resemble calendulas in shape. It’s a common choice for wildflower gardens since it draws in beneficial insects like bees and butterflies.